Beer Kills Brain Cells.  NO IT DOESN’T!

Now I could just stop there and we could all celebrate, but where’s the fun in that?  Truth is, beer (or any alcohol) does not KILL brain cells or even damage them.  If you over indulge, beer will “impare” your brain cells, and therefore, your cognative skills, but contrary to popular belief, beer doesn’t kill brain cells.
*Over indulging in alcohol WILL damage and kill other organs of the body, so don’t do it.

Other things you might not know

  • Comerica Bank foreclosed on Green Flash Brewing Company, Stella Artois issues recall for shards of glass in bottles of beer, and Heineken issues an apology for an ad deemed racist.
  • There are now 6,372 breweries in the United States.  There were 997 openings in 2017 and 165 brewery closings (a number that is up 70% from 2016).
  • In Colorado, legalized marijuana has cut into beer sales.  To combat this, breweries are now making beer with marijuana.  “Far out dude.”
  • A Boilermaker is a cheap beer and a shot of bourbon.  Budweiser thinks that’s too much work for you, which is why they are partnering with Jim Beam to make bourbon-barrel Budweiser.  No, I’m not joking.
  • The Masters starts today and they added a new rule for spectators.  Say “Dilly Dilly” and you’ll be removed from the grounds.


Fetching Lab and Town in City will both be here. Drink any of their beers and get a pint glass. On tap:
– Town and City White Oak Wit
– Town and City City Amber
– Fetching Lab Carpe Canis IPA
– Fetching Lab Off the Chain Daisy Chain

Two Breweries.  One Pint Night.  It just might be the first of its kind.  Don’t miss it.


From 4-6PM we host “Beer with Mark and Chad”.  And since we’re talking brain cells and “what you know”, it’s time we put all this knowledge to test.  5:30PM we’re doing Beer Trivia for Prizes!  Sponsored by Artisanal Imports, Importers of Tripel Karmeliet and Kwak Belgian Ales (not Guinness as shown in the photo, but I wanted to use “Brilliant”).

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