Brew Crew

What is the Brew Crew

We WILL invite you, as part of the Brew Crew, to all beer events and keep you informed about all that is happening with barley, hops, yeast and water at the Backyard Grill.  If you want your name on the wall, get your Brew Crew card and drink 42 different beers.

  • Brew Crew is 42 beers from our Tap Wall
  • Brewmeister is 42 beers from our bottles and cans
  • Beer Events and Special Keg “Tappenings”
  • Beer Logic Events
  • Drinking Beer with Mark and Chad Updates
  • Glass Nights and Featured Brewery Nights
  • Beer Fun Facts
  • The latest happenings from What’s on Tap Radio

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MARIO ORTIZ (20)   12/3/15


KEN REED – (10) 9/16/09

SAMUEL ZEWE (7)      7/18/15

BARBARA ZEWE (7)  7/18/15

NIKI VORK  (6)  9/2/13

A.G. Stockstill (6) 9/8/17

BRYAN MCDANIEL (5) 10/10/09

Greg Fitzgerald (5) 7/22/11

JASON CASTILLO (5)  2/2/13

JASON LOVE (5) 8/3/12

JOACHIM LOHAN (5) 4/30/13

 JOHN ANDERSON  (4) 2/8/12


CARLOS ORTIZ (4)      7/14/11


MARIE MORGAN (3)   9/15/09


ROBERT HARVEY  (3) 12/1/09

Frank Coselli (3) 7/28/19

DARLA MONTEIRO (2)  4/6/15

KEVIN DOERR (2)         6/7/13

GARY BURNS (2)         4/16/13

JAMES MANNING (2) 4/19/13

PAT LANSANGAN (2)   10/21/11

 DEVIN PARKER  (2)   4/19/11

JOHN MITSCHKE – (2) 7/28/10

TIM MCCULLAR  (2) 12/23/09

STEVE MORGAN (2)  9/17/09

Matt Butler (2) 10/12/14

Dar Childs (2) 1/19/19

Rob Eldridge (2) 1/31/16

Brad Gallaway (2) 9/26/16

Jose Guerrero (2) 4/2/17

Chris Madere (2) 6/7/17

Michael Montalvo (2) 9/29/17

Dean Moon (2) 8/14/15

Justin Plagens (2) 9/29/17

Adam Rowe (2) 9/30/16

Steve Smith (2) 8/10/16

Justin Williamson (2) 3/23/10

Bruce Dixon  (2) 10/18/18

Rick Hanf (2)  6/19/18

Gregory Lang (2) 9/23/18

Hal Long  (2) 12/29/17

Steven McCoy (2) 10/7/18

Justin Plagens (2) 1/24/18

Bill Rostan (2) 10/20/18

AL BOURASSA 10/12/09


 In Memory

J.R. BRUCE 4/19/11


Name Date Phrase
Eric Shumaker 1/09/21 Even Covid19 couldn’t stop me!
Name Date Phrase
Damian Toth 1/03/20 All the beer drinking in college has prepared me for this.
Judith Cody 1/20/20 Thanks to my “beer coaches” Caitlin and Andrew!
Madman Mario 1/24/20 DRAFT PUNK
Jason Love 2/13/20 Forty-two beers + Forty-two years! HBD2ME
Jennifer Day 2/28/20 TRUMP 45
Mario Ortiz 5/7/20 I can’t believe I keep falling for the “FREE BEER TOMORROW”
Kevin Drouillard 5/7/20 KEEP ON DIGGIN’
Clark Linton 5/14/20 WHOOP! GIG’EM!’
Jason Rivera 5/14/20 Mama didn’t raise a quiter
Jason Siefert 5/14/20 Road to Helles is paved with spicy German hops and light bitterness
Keith Grothaus 5/14/20 I Thought I Knew Beer, Then I Met MARK
Adrian Dominguez 5/14/20 ASK NOT WANT NOT
Lindsey Morgan 5/14/20 C.U. Next Thursday
Jake “Dragginbeard” Meyer 5/14/20 Most People hate the taste of BEER- It is however a prejudice W.Churchill
Matt Veserra 5/14/20 I’m cutting back on my attempts to cut back on drinking
Devin Bily 5/14/20 C.U. Next Thursday
Jeff Taggart 5/14/20 I would rather have a bottle in front of me… Then a Frontal lobotomy
JR Bryant 6/24/20 beer is god’s second greatest gift, after Racheal
Mario Aguilar – Brewmeister 7/18/20 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COUNTRY, WIFE, BUREAU & BEER OF COURSE
Charles Tyler Reagor – Brewmeister 8/23/20 Christina, Here’s my keys.
George Leos 10/03/20 Can I get two claps and a RICK FLAIR
Brice Espinoza 10/16/20 Don’t poke the bear…
A.G. Stockstill 11/13/20 funf
A.G. Stockstill 11/13/20 ordinem diaconatus 10 augustam a.d. 2020
Jordan Hurt 11/17/20 New times with old Friends
Nick Jones – Brewmeister 12/24/20 Quarantine and blue belts, 2020 gotta be good for something!! Dueces!!
Name Date Phrase
Misty Kacal 1/11/19 But I married him anyway!
Sam Beni 1/24/19 It was not the beer that motivated me, It was her eyes 🙂
Mario Oritz 2/15/19 #14 Wild Whorses could not keep me away!
Mike Leonard 3/06/19 Veni, vidi, vici!
Patrick Farrell 3/21/19 I LIKE HAVING MY NAME ON S***
Mario Ortiz 4/23/19 AH ME… It doesn’t get any Better than Nick.
Frank Coselli 4/30/19 We are in the Endgame Now…
Ramsey Barbi 5/19/19 My favorite drink is the next one
A.G. Stockstill 5/25/19 STARS 2 SABERS I 3OT June 19, 1999
Robert Boragine Jr. 6/16/19 World’s best water quality tech of the world!
Kim Gratelouse 6/12/19 A SMILE COST NOTHING
Jason Love 6/29/19 BEER…because you can’t drink bacon!
Scott McKenzie 7/24/19 I spent $1000 in beer and all I get is this sign.
Sam Beni 7/26/19 No Beers left Behind
Scott McKenzie 8/6/19 Drank’d 42 beer’s, lost 50 lbs…GOOD…PVO!
Stehpan M. Hernandez 9/4/19 The 18th Amendment of the Constitution of the US is hereby repealed
Dale Blue 9/21/19 Proud Dad of Maddy the HOSTESS!!!
Charles Tyler Reagor 9/25/19 Thanks for Driving, Christina!
William Anderson 10/29/19 I drink to make other people more interesting-Ernest Hemingway
Thomas Etzel 11/01/19 Shout out to my liver, without whom this wouldn’t be possible
Paul Van Oudenaren 11/22/19 SOLI DEO GLORIA
A.G. Stockstill 12/13/19 Illegitimi non carborundum
Stephen Davignon 12/16/19 IN HONOR OF OUR FRIEND, NICK RUGGERI
Neal Scott 12/19 BEER: Life’s WD40
Name Date Phrase
Dante Deltoro 1/20/18 May we be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you dead
Christina Gates 1/20/18 I rode my pink bike here to meet great friends for good food, cold drinks, and live music.
Justin Plagens 1/24/18 Give me a women who loves beer and I will conquer the world!
Mario Ortiz 2/02/18 Please take a moment to learn about stroke awareness CDO
Stephen Davignon 2/11/18 Hello dark beer my old friend, I’ve come to drink with you again
Bill Rostan 2/13/18 Go Ohio wahoo 4 ever
Joel Hill 3/10/18 In dog beers, I’ve only had one
Miguel Perez 4/21/18 God is Great, Beer is Good & People are Crazy
Devin Bily 4/21/18 You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning”  – Dr. Bily
Miguel Perez 4/21/18 God is Great, Beer is Good & People are Crazy
Sarah Henry 4/28/18 Texas Forever!
Chris Madere 4/28/18 My 3 daughter’s drive me to drink.
Mario Ortiz 5/01/18 Excuse me Mr. Reed…Theres only room for one up here 🙂
Alex Morotini 6/15/18 BFF’s Beer Friends Forever!!!
Stephen Davignon 5/27/18 “The Force will be with you…Always!” – OBI WAN
Blake Isgitt 3/2/18 Pour me, Pour me, Pour me, another beer Robin Wiliams
Mario Ortiz 6/07/18 Like sands through the hourglass these are the BEERS of my life #12
Rick Hanf 6/19/18 Excuse me if I have some place in my mind, where I go time to time
Jason Love 6/22/18 Beer Makes Me Hoppy!
Stephen Davignon 8/26/18 If it’s worth doing, It’s worth overdoing.” – Ayn Rand
John Calder 9/1/18 HOWAY THE LADS
Marlon Ochoa 9/14/18 To Friends, to good food, and to beer. Cheers!
Steven McCoy 9/17/18 Time to beat 24 days!
Joachim Lohan 9/22/18 Move over Coffee…This is a job for more Beer
Gregory Lang 9/23/18 I’d rather be a famous drunk than an anonymous alcoholic!
Misty Dozier 9/28/18 I gave him a woman that loves beer and all he drinks is Coors Light
Steven McCoy 10/7/18 Hey, careful, man, there’s a beverage here!” -The Dude
Cory Anderson 10/12/18 Hey Brian, got any Tupac in that Bag-O-Tricks?
Bruce Dixon 10/18/18 Ahhh, Life is Good
Bill Rostan 10/20/18 Go Tribe (Chief logo) Go Tribe. Just one ring B 4 I Die
Matthew Silver 10/25/18 You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Jim Siercks 11/01/18 A drunk man’s words, are a sober man’s thoughts
Candice Rostan 11/03/18 Just one Superbowl win before I die! Bills Fan” (buffalo bills logo)
Michael Carew 11/29/18 All gave some, some gave all.” 24th Infantry Division
Katie Jurgielewicz 12/02/18 I swallowed them all! (smiley Face)
Scott Ward 12/05/18 Dark Side beer gets me sith faced.
Josh Bartlett 12/14/18 THIS DRINK, I LIKE IT! ANOTHER!
Michael Ryan 12/14/18 I’ll have what the man on the floor is having!
Lesley Ward 12/27/18 According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution
Name Date Phrase
Brad Gallaway 1/19/17 Wish you were beer.
Steve Smith 1/20/17 What-a Ride Only in Texas
Chad Sweeten 1/21/17 MISS YOU SYLVIA
Steve Gutterud 2/1/17 Pratice Run
Chris Stutsman 2/14/17 “Beer’s intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it”
John Wagenblast 3/5/17 “Bratton equals shxx!!!”
Doug Smith 3/17/17 “BIER VERRUCKT”
Nickie Vork – Brewmeister 3/31/17 “A balanced diet means a beer in each hand.”
Jose Guerrero 4/2/17 “das Bier that Never ends”
John Campbell – Brewmeister 4/8/17 “Now I can drink any beer I want!”
Mack Ellison 4/15/17 “I’ll have another”
Elliott Bratton 4/25/17 “John is highly suspect”
Kim Hamilton 6/6/17 “Go Cowboys”
Chris Madere 6/7/17 “Dos mas por favor!”
Bruce Dixon 6/15/17 “Ahhh, life is good!!”
Frank Coselli – Brewmeister 8/31/17 “Damn it feels good to be a meistar”
Heather DeElena 9/20/17 “Books, boobs, beers – the best things that start with B!”
Stephen Davignon 9/3/17 “Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken”
A.G. Stockstill 9/8/17 “Kuck you FARBACH”
Justin Plagens – Brewmeister 9/29/17 “Started in a relationship, ended single”
Michael Montalvo 9/29/17 “I’ve got Tex appeal.”
Adam Rowe – Brewmeister 9/29/17 “IT’S A TRAP”
Samatha Williams 10/19/17 “I don’t get drunk, I get AWESOME!!”
Sam Zewe 11/18/17 “Oh man, That was a long time coming!”
Barbara Zewe 11/18/17 “OMG…I thought we would never finish”
Mario Ortiz 12/14/17 “I always knew craft beer would land me in the POUR HAUS!”
Darren Frailey 12/22/17 “Do, Or Do Not There Is No Try”
Hal Long 12/29/17 “2017 World Champs”
Name Date Phrase
Dar Childs 1/9/16 Ride it like you stole it!
Peter Eddris 1/9/16 I love this place!! And my tab!
Rob Eldridge 1/31/16 What an education! I’ll have another porter now.
Beverly Gault 2/18/16 Noch ein andere, Bitte
Carlos Ortiz 3/4/16 I feel more like myself now than I did when I came in
Rob Eldridge 3/9/16 85 totally unique beers….God Bless America!
Justin Williamson 3/26/16 The brew got me here but the Jameson made me a true Meister
Dar Childs 3/26/16 Brenda, Jessica, Molly, Allison
Nick Ruggeri 4/23/16 Ah me! Doesn’t get any better than this
Ken Reed 5/10/16 I am afriaid that I suffer from cecosilicaphobia
Stephen Davignon 5/30/16 That’s what I do. I drink and I know things
Robert Harvey 6/16/16 This one is for Eli
Frank Coselli 7/28/16 Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best
Christopher Stone 8/2/16 DONE!!!
Steve Smith 8/10/16 Never fear, there’s more beer here!!!
Nickie Vork 8/16/16 33 Crushes 55
Brandon Lasky 9/11/16 All she got was the tip
Carrington Sweet 9/14/16 People always told me that bars are dark and loney…
Matt Butler 9/25/16 Tomorrow will be better than today
Brad Gallaway 9/26/16 Work Hard. Do Good.
Adam Rowe 9/30/16 Never tell me the odds
Joachim Lohan 11/1/16 Don’y Worry… Beer More Happy!
Jeff Atkinson 11/1/16 Beer is proof God wants us happy.. Benjamin Franklin
Enrique Adame 11/5/16 Beer is life, and life is good
Dave & PJ 12/12/16  
Nickie Vork 12/14/16 I only drink beers on the days that end in “y”
Name Date Phrase
Patrick Wright 2/10/15 I swear to drunk, I’m not God!
Mike Hoblin 2/12/15 Good til the last drop
Bill Peck 3/5/15 There is no such thing as a bad beer, just some just taste better than others
Carlos Ortiz 3/27/15 Like “Sands through the hour glass”, so goes the “beers of our life”
Mark Deprey 3/28/15 Great beer list! “Who Knew”?
Darla Monteiro 4/6/15 Ta calli’ n lucky heireann dom
Steven Davignon 4/19/15 For all the cowboys fans!
John Anderson 5/6/15 Shh, don’t tell mom!
Jason Castillo 5/6/15 Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid. – John wayne
Adam Blackwelder 6/3/15 I still like Miller Lite the best!
Chris Stutsman 7/2/15 In dog beers, I’ve only had 7.87114
Barbara Zewe 7/18/15 Women like to savor the moment
Sam Zewe 7/18/15 Guys wanna get-r-done
Jason Castilo 8/14/15 A toast to friends and family. Gone, never forgotten.
Dean Moon 8/14/15 You need a longer list!!
Dean Moon 4/15/16 I recant my previous quote
Peter Edris 9/5/15 Hey Brenda, go Texans!
Darla Monteiro 10/22/15 Liness, lover & purveyor of happy endings
Carlos Ortiz 10/22/15 You wish you were me!
Brandon Hoffman 11/4/15 I pissed away many good beers!!!
Andy Renehan 11/8/15 I may be dumb, but at least I’m done!!!
Katie Renehan 11/8/15 I will f—ing miss you Jess!
Jason Love 11/30/15 Thanks liver… You’re a champ.
Mario Ortiz 12/26/15 I came for the beer, I’m staying for Brenda
Name Date Phrase
Jon Krueger 1/31/14 55 beers, 400+ this is it!!!
Greg Fitzgerald 3/5/14 It could be worse, it would always be worse..
Sam Zewe 3/22/14 #4 Here we come
Barbara Zewe 3/22/14 Three down…
Stephen Davignon 3/24/14 DRINK TRIPLE, SEE DOUBLE, ACT SINGLE!
John Anderson 4/23/14 Third Time is the Charm
Bill Stark 5/8/14 It’s in the hole.
Marc Seaholm 5/15/14 Go Texans… How Copy???
David Richey 5/23/14 Finisher
Nickie Vork 6/11/14 LW&T I LIKE IT DIRTY!
Barbara Zewe 7/15/14 Brew Crew Diet …55 beers and lost 30 pounds
Sam Zewe 7/15/14 Any old beer to have another excuse
Julie Williams ’04’ 9/15/14 On victory, you deserve beer. On defeat you need it. Gig ’em
Joachim Lohan 9/26/14 165 beers Down… 385 To Go
Gregory Lang 10/5/14 Thanks to my wife, who lets me drink any time!
Matthew Butler 10/12/14 Winter is coming
Jason Castillo 11/6/14 My favorite beer is free, the best beer ever is the one in my hand
Charles Rosenbloom 11/7/14 In dog beers I’ve only had 7.8
Sam Zewe 11/19/14 I can’t believe she kept up with me
Bob Gardner 12/2/14 Haul it with a Ford Ranchero
Stephen Davignon 12/20/14 Valar Morghulis
Brice Espinoza 12/24/14 My wife drives me to drink but, to her credit, she drives me home too!
Mario Ortiz 12/26/14 I took the worst thirst to finish first
Name Date Phrase
Chris Artuso 1/19/13 Shiner? I Hardly Know Her!
Jason Castillo 2/2/13 Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life’s problems
Chris Tuckett 2/2/13 GO BLUE!
Mike Barker 2/10/13 Life is good beer is better
Mike Barker 2/10/13 Life is Good Beer is Better
Cliff Kuhfeldt 2/12/13 I love my wife
Chris Tuckett 2/12/13 Go Blue!
Daynan Coleman 2/15/13 You May all go to hell and I will go to texas
Chris Hoblinski 2/26/13 Rebekah is awesome
Tracy Fitzgerald 3/1/13 Something… Something Darkside…Sometime…Something… Complete
Nicole Vork 3/5/13 Went In Hard Came Out Wet
Mario Ortiz 3/13/13 Beer .. The cause of and solutions to all of life’s problems
Barbara Zewe 3/16/13 Finished before my husband for a change
Ruth Haney 3/20/13 Nick NEVER bought!!!
Jose “shorty” Montelongo 3/20/13 You only live once enjoy your beer
Timothy Mc Cullar 3/23/13 Survive and advance
Scott A. McKenna Sr. 3/24/13 Beer pressure
Joachim Lohan 3/25/13 Square Meal? 6 and 12 Pack Or Case… BEER!!!
Sam Zewe 3/26/13 She made me finish all by myself
Dave Everett 3/27/13 Here to you Hermie & Spermie
Larry Barton 3/28/13 Dobry Pivo
Zane Mittag 4/12/13 “About Time”
james Manning 4/19/13 Gig’ EM
Ryan Hall 4/24/13 Alcohol, the cause and solution to al life’s problems
Joachim Lohan 4/30/13 Beer, the Rose Colored Glasses of Life
Kevin Doerr 6/7/13 Beer before beer you’re in the clear
Steve Park 7/9/13 One More Beer
Kilbert Perez 7/9/13 Two More!
Robert McKnight 7/27/13 Time is never wasted if you are wasted all the time
Pat Lansangan 8/9/13 B
Nickie Vork 9/2/13 THIRSTY TURTLE
Samuel Zewe 9/6/13 I let her get a head start
Barbara Zewe 9/6/13 Started without him but finished together
Ken Reed 9/9/13 Big sign
Mike Jones 9/28/13 Thanks Frank and Randy
Bryan McDaniel 10/4/13 I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than to have a frontal labotomy.
Devin Parker 10/5/13 TEXANS #666
Frank Jones 10/6/13 If it wasn’t for my kids I wouldn’t be drinking.
Josh Welsch 10/25/13 Go find your blind Aunt “EF”
Kevin Doerr 10/25/13 HOOK ‘EM 27-25
Stephen Davignon 11/9/13 Buzz-inga
Carlos Baez 11/9/13 My wife is killing me, I’ll have another BEER
Jose montelongo 11/17/13 You win some and lose some, don’t take life for granted
Chris Vawiec 12/6/13 beer is good but beers are better
Name Date Phrase
Robert Harvey 1/7/11 Without beer, I would have lost it a long time ago!
Nick Reyes 1/18/11 Yet another fine production of NFP
Bee Zagouri 1/21/11 I WIN
Jeff White 1/28/11 I drink to make other people interesting
Kelvin Kirkman 2/11/11 Cheers
Rich Whiteside 3/17/11 What a long strange trip it’s been
Charles Dewey 4/21/11 Beer, Nectar of the Gods
Devin Parker 4/19/11 Who Devin?
Chris Graham 4/19/11 Please get rid of crap American beer
Carlos Ortiz 7/14/11 beer – proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy
Greg Fitzgerald 7/22/11 I am to drunk to taste this chicken…
Clane Callahan 7/29/11 I just drank 55 beers. What did you do today?
Jack Long 8/12/11 Thanks Angie!
Tony Ortiz 8/14/11 Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer
Hal Long 9/7/11 An object at rest can not be stopped
Ken Reed 9/22/11 #8 Was really great
Tracy Fitzgerald 7/22/11 I don’t get drunk, I get AWESOME!
Pat Lansangan 10/21/11 It is what it is
Kevin Thompson 10/27/11 A plethora of beer and a of the means drink profusely
Darin Crawford 11/4/11 A friend of the devil is a friend of mine
Bryan McDaniel 11/11/11 Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk
Greg Fitzgerald 12/2/11 Hip Hop Hipity Do
Tracy Fitzgerald 12/3/11 I still secrete awesomeness
Altex Electronics 12/12/11 Your one stop PC shop.
Name Date Phrase
Marie Morgan 3/1/10 I enjoy drinking these beers with my friends at BYG
Justin Williamson 3/23/10 Time for Booze!
Matt Trujillo 3/12/10 Now I can stick with the Pales
Steve Morgan 3/26/10 Kimmie Rules — and her baby
Jim Cline 3/30/10 Happy Birthday Mark. This MGD 64 is foryou.
Eric Rougler 4/1/10 Vive La France
Mike Guerrero 4/15/10 As with In… So Without
John Anderson 6/30/10 Live to Ride…Ride to Live
John Mitschke 7/28/10 I came… I conquered
Nick Buckley 9/3/10 My liver is evil and had to be punished
Ken Reed 9/22/10 #7.. Just like Heaven!
Tom Bouldin 10/20/10 BUT is good beer and good friends
Matt Veserra 10/25/10 Don’t Judge Me
Melissa Melton 11/3/10 Always be yourself, unless you suck!
Robert Roos 11/19/10 AHH! The joy of it!
Name Date Phrase
Heather Daly 1/9/12 FDDI – First Drink of the Day
Greg Fitzgerald 1/11/12 No, but we’re willing to learn
John B. Anderson 2/8/12 OOPS, I did it again!
Eric De Los Santos 2/9/12 I am what I am
Bill Hamilton 2/26/12 It is what it is
Greg Fitzgerald 3/16/12 I LIKE TACOS!!!!!
Natalie Lanangan 3/22/12 I love hanging on the wall
Tracy Fitzgerald 4/5/12 Here’s TO IT & TO IT AGAIN!
Selena Coleman 4/13/12 That’s all she wrote
Brad Mammelaar 4/15/12 mmmm. Beer
Kamar Adeniji-Adele 5/27/12 There is no such thing as a bad beer, just some beers taste better than others
Bryan McDaniel 5/31/12 Beer – because one doesn’t solve the world’s problem over white wine.
Travis Bollom 6/31/12 GO TEXANS
Jason Love 8/3/12 Beer. It’s what’s for dinner
James Manning 8/10/12 What beer will not cure there Is no cure for
Gary Burns 8/16/12 Your not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding on.
Eric Vigil 8/31/12 Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol
Kim Vigil 8/31/12 Nothing goes “down” better than a bierbitzch
Robert Horton 8/31/12 Good beer and grout friends gives life flavor
Scott Stout 8/31/12 Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!
Neal & Susie 9/18/12 Semper Fi!!
Ken Reed 9/22/12 #9 Feels Real Fine
Amanda Gergen 9/23/12 No thanks, I’m not drunk
Daniel Hainey 12/1/12 Who wants to drink forever?
Jose Montelongo 12/3/12 One down and plenty more to go
Dallas Rognon 12/16/12 Patricots Rule!!
Daniel Gutierrez 12/21/12 You’re killing me smalls
Bryan McDaniel 12/21/12 Beer today… gone tomorrow.
Name Date Phrase
Gary Burns 9/13/09 Around the world in 19 days
Steve Morgan 9/15/09 55 beers in 10 days.. You people never looked so good
Marie Morgan 9/15/09 I may not have been first, but I was faster!
Ken Reed 9/16/09 The Back Yard Grill..
John Blankenship 9/17/09 Use mas brewhasmisdufrogen please!
Ken Reed 9/22/09 Has a brew crew here…
Ken Reed 10/3/09 Just a bunch of folks..
Al Bourassa 10/12/09 I didn’t drink a beer I didn’t like
Mike Quinten 10/10/09 Everyone needs to believe in something, I believe I’ll have another beer!
Bryan McDaniel 10/10/09 Knut up of Shut up!
Marie Morgan 10/10/09 I did it again
Ken Reed 11/10/09 (and this is what I hear)
Ken Reed 11/22/09 That like to get together at the bar
Ken Reed 12/3/09 “and drink different brands of beer”
Joel Stockstill 12/5/09 Thanks to: Kimmie, Eric, Brenda, Jessica, Cable & Miranda.
Tim McCullar 12/23/09 4 U 2 N V
Robert Harvey 12/27/09 That just happened.


We Will Be Back!

We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service! Cooking over real wood makes all the difference in the world!  And that triple Lindy is out of this world!

The Davises

Should call it “Gig ‘Em Grill”!

We have been to a number of Aggie events at The Backyard Grill and will come back for more!  We love the food, and the beer selection is fantastic!

Aggie '92


Delicious menu in a very relaxing setting with wonderful service, plus close to my home!

Mark K.

Their Catering ROCKS!

We had Backyard cater our school event and they knocked it out of the park!  Not only was the food amazing, but they really made the kids feel special.  Thanks for all you do for the school district Mark!

Becky C.