Alamo Red Chipotle Stockyard BBQ Sauce


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Alamo Red Chipotle Stockyard BBQ Sauce

Alamo Red Chipotle Stockyard BBQ Sauce comes straight from our Texas kitchen to your grill.  With a hint of the famous FARO chipotle peppers, this version of our Stockyard BBQ Sauce provides a hint of heat and smoke which makes this sauce a favorite of those who like a bolder, hotter flavor to compliment their favorite dishes.  Made with the best ingredients available, this sauce works great on beef, pork, and chicken.  Also try it on grilled veggies or as a tableside condiment for a unique flavor experience.

You can’t go wrong – Marinate it, baste it or dip it.

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We recommend any of the Alamo Red BBQ Sauces for your next grilling adventure.  It does not matter to us what kind of “Pit Master” you really are, you are still the king of your grill right?  You have already shown your self to be a bit of a genius by ordering from BYG Texas!

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