Habanero Hot Sauce 5FL OZ (148ML)

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CatAsstrophic Dogbite Habanero Hot Sauce is one of the hottest sauces from The Backyard Grill. This sauce has a bite to it!


In 2010 we traveled to Zest Fest to look for different brands of hot sauce. There are a lot of good hot sauces out there, but the majority of them just bring heat and no flavor. We begin working on our own line of hot sauces that would not only have great fire but great taste. Sauce names and labels were soon developed and in 2011 the BUCKET OF DESTRUCTION was born. Guests are not given Tabasco or Louisina Hot Sauce when a guest asks for hot sauce at The Backyard Grill they do not get Tabasco or Louisiana Hot sauce.  A wooden bucket with all nine of our hot sauces is brought to them to sample and share. The sauces are named after childhood painful memories – some are made up and others are true. Each sauce comes with its own story.

A dog’s bite is worse than its bark. Momma always told me to check the back end of the dog to see if the tail is a waggin’. Seems like instead of watchin’ the rear I should have been watchin’ the dog’s teeth. I learned one thing that day… never keep beef jerkey in your back pocket.
INGREDIENTS: water, vinegar, habanero, salt, spices, sugar, xantham gum


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