Texas Gourmet Jelly Box


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Texas Gourmet Jelly Box

Includes three different Texas Gourmet jellies.

Texas Gourmet Mandarin Orange Serrano Jelly

The sweet flavor of mandarin orange and the spicy bite of Serrano pepper come together to create this awesome flavored jelly, makes a great marinade for pork tenderloin. Try it in a vinaigrette for spinach salad or blend with Crown Royal and rosemary for a glaze on ham!

Texas Gourmet Habanero Pepper Jelly

A bold blend of habanero and red bell pepper. Great when added to stir fry for a spicy, sweet flavor, made into a baste on quail, chicken, pork chops or ribs or added to your favorite blend for injecting turkeys!

Texas Gourmet Jalapeno Kiwi Jelly

This “People’s Choice” Award winner is America’s favorite Jalapeño Jelly! A blend of fresh jalapeño, kiwi and red bell pepper comes alive when used over cream cheese with crackers, in a marinade or basted on ribs, pork chops, chicken or brisket or in the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever!

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