Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Social Media



Check-ins, likes, shares, and selfies; these are some of the social media norms and they apply to your beer consumption and brewery visits as well.  Here is a list of the best things to come from social media for beer (and the worst):

Why Social Media is Great for Beer:

  1. It helps you find beer you’re looking for (someone checks it in and you’ve been looking for it, now you know where to go).
  2. It encourages us to drink more and better beer (because social media creates envy and we compare ourselves to others, we seek out better beer and drink more often).
  3. You find out about new beer and new breweries (if it’s new, it’s on social).
  4. People discuss beer (if you want an opinion on a beer, just ask – you’ll get it).
  5. You can keep track of beers you’ve had (and remember which ones you want to order again, and those you don’t).

Why Social Media Sucks for Beer:

  1. It limits discussion (remember when you went to the bar to drink and talk… put the phone down).
  2. Trolls (they ruin everything, including a beer… or a breweries reputation).
  3. Ratings (not everyone is a beer judge, nor should they be, but some social medial outlets allow it… and it can hurt the brewery).
  4. You drink your beer EVENTUALLY (rather than drink the beer you spend 15 minutes setting up the perfect photo of your beer, which will never hang in a gallery).
  5. The wrong glass (social media likes that picture of you drinking your beer from a glass shaped like Rosie O’Donnell’s foot in a Stiletto – sorry, but that’s the wrong glass).



The Boss Pour only exists because of social media.  What is a Boss Pour?  Filling the glass all the way to the rim without any head.  Head on beer give off more aroma, and thus, more flavor.  DON’T BE A BOSS (pourer) – great for social media but it limits your appreciation for the beer!


Richard Godbehere of Kapa Hawaii thought it would be a great idea to poke a hole in the “Drinking and Driving” argument with a 5 minute social media video post.  Godbehere took to social media from behind the wheel of his vehicle saying…

“We all know drinking and driving is against the law. You’re not supposed to do that. But they didn’t say anything about driving and THEN drinking.”

Godbehere then cracks open a Becks beer and videos himself drinking while driving down the road.  His social media post was picked up by the police who arrived at his house and arrested him for drinking while operating a motor vehicle and driving without a license.  In an attempt to avoid being taken into custody, Godbehere told police that the video was a parody and there was no beer in the bottle; only one small problem, he cracked open the bottle on the video.

Final Score:
Social Media: 1 
Drinking and Driving: 0
(and will never win)
Driving and Drinking: 0 (and you’re still an idiot)


THURSDAY (4-7pm):
Not-yet-famous “Beer with Mark and Chad”
Great beer with great beer people
celebrating Icelandic music with chips and salsa (it’s a thing)
We’ll post pictures on social media

Friday is your last day to order your smoked Thanksgiving turkeys.  You can have smoked or “smoked and beer injected” turkey.  If you want to take a chance cooking your own and post that disaster on social media, go ahead.  Or, you can post a picture of your beer turkey from the BYG and get more likes (online and at the table).

TUESDAY (All Day):
Taco Tuesday and 1/2 Price Draft Beer
“Now you can post a picture of your beer with food!  OOOH!” – Chad Pilbeam


“Don’t take my word for it, drink it yourself”
Chad Pilbeam, Certified Cicerone, Host of What’s on Tap Radio

But not just any PBR

This isn’t just any old can of PBR… this is a can that has been sitting in my hot garage for almost three years; it’s amazing what you find when you clean the garage.

I was tempted to just throw it away because “safety first”, but then I thought to myself, “Self, when will you ever have the opportunity to experience the finest of hipster pilsner beers, aged in a Houston sweat house for nearly 36 months?”  Obviously the answer is “never” so I threw caution into the wind and cracked it open.

I didn’t even chill it.  That’s right; if you really want to know the flavor of a beer, drink it warm.

With my well-seasoned pilsner in hand, I decanted the nectar of wax-mustaches and fedora hats into a pint glass, where I invited the bouquet of aromas to liven and invigorate my nasal cavity – it was not what I expected.  The usual aroma of corn and cheap brewing was undetectable and replaced by something else – something unsuspecting.

If you can imagine the sweet malty and Belgian candied sugar flavors of a Belgian Tripel in a modest 4.8% alcohol by volume packaged in the finest aluminum transport NASCAR has to offer (tall boy can), this is what we have.  No surprise that it is now a terrible pilsner, but as a junior Belgian Tripel, not bad.

I can’t say whether three year old PBR is responsible for the random tick I now possess or the occasional outburst at the television which isn’t even turned on, but I would put this beer in a category of “don’t try and recreate it unless you just want to post “Look what I drank” on social media.”


Definitely not “Certified Fresh”

This was dumb.  Don’t do it.  It reminds me of hot sauce and cinnamon challenges.  Truthfully, it was very drinkable and surprisingly “good” (ish).  But it’s an example of wasted beer, ruined beer, and is not a practice I would encourage with any beer style.

Here’s a picture to prove I’m not lying about the date:



We Will Be Back!

We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service! Cooking over real wood makes all the difference in the world!  And that triple Lindy is out of this world!

The Davises

Should call it “Gig ‘Em Grill”!

We have been to a number of Aggie events at The Backyard Grill and will come back for more!  We love the food, and the beer selection is fantastic!

Aggie '92


Delicious menu in a very relaxing setting with wonderful service, plus close to my home!

Mark K.

Their Catering ROCKS!

We had Backyard cater our school event and they knocked it out of the park!  Not only was the food amazing, but they really made the kids feel special.  Thanks for all you do for the school district Mark!

Becky C.