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Thank You

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About

I Learned From Beer

“I feel an unusual sensation – if it’s not the beer it must be gratitude.”

– Benjamin Disraeli (Modified by Chad Pilbeam – Beer Logic)



With Thanksgiving being last week it would have been predictable and a bit obvious to say “Thank You” then; but this is an entire season of gratitude (with the gifts and all) and in reality, we should be saying “Thank You” all year long – not just on days when we’re morally obligated to say it.

A study was done on employee satisfaction and it was discovered that employees feel under appreciated and your feeble attempts to win them over with ping-pong tables, free coffee, birthday celebrations, or a new umbrella just don’t work.  The truth is, all they want from you is a “Thank You”… and beer.

Wait, what?  Beer?  Yes!  Turns out that not only do employees feel better when they hear thank you, but according to another study, employees feel better when they drink a beer at work!

So if you’re looking for a way of showing appreciation for employees all year long (and not just on those days of obligation like birthday and anniversary), say thank you with this [see picture below]

(Note: Beer Logic’s Chad Pilbeam is not an HR professional so results may vary.  Probably not because beer at work is awesome, but just in case, results may vary.)




Try and show a friend appreciation with cash and it gets awkward.  If Bob helped you move a couch and you offered him $2.00 for the five minutes of time and effort he put in, he’d refuse it and then look at you like you’re a moron.  Who pays their friends for helping move a couch?  The only person who should accept $2.00 from you is the valet you brought up your car or the convenient store clerk who is putting your tall boy in a paper sack (DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!)

But offer Bob a beer and he’ll know you appreciated the help and gratitude will be shown.  Say thank you WITH beer – together they are great currency.



Today, December 5th, is Repeal Day – the day the 21st amendment was ratified and the 18th amendment was repealed!  Prohibition proves that the government is capable of mistakes (shocking!) but the repeal shows us that some mistakes can be repaired.  

Fun Fact: Prohibition lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, and 32 and a half minutes!

And with the ratification of the 21st amendment it ended.  If you ever wanted to say “thank you” to the federal government, this is the day, but at the very least you need to say “Thank You” to the 21st amendment… and beer!

[Chad Pilbeam from Beer Logic will be at The Backyard Grill – Houston from 4-7pm celebrating Repeal Day.  Join him!]



THURSDAY (4-7pm):
REPEAL DAY “Beer with Mark and Chad”
Come celebrate the 21st amendment and the end of prohibition

FRIDAY (5pm-close):
The Saint Comes Marching In
St. Arnold brewery night and tap invasion.  Limited release beers and glassware while supplies last.  Come say “Thank You” to the patron saint of brewers who reminded us to drink beer, not water!

SATURDAY (7-9:30PM):
Holiday Beer Dinner
Hosted by Chad Pilbeam, Beer Logic and What’s on Tap Radio – The Most Anticipated Beer Dinner of the Year.  Get your tickets here!  It’s a gift for yourself!

TUESDAY (All Day):
Taco Tuesday Means 1/2 Price Draft Beer
“Some people say “Thank You”, others just give you 1/2 price draft beer and you feel the gratitude.”
– Chad Pilbeam



“Don’t take my word for it, drink it yourself”
Chad Pilbeam, Certified Cicerone, Host of What’s on Tap Radio



On initial inspection we noticed that the name was lacking.  It really needs to be longer and describe the beer.  “Lagunitas Woodshop Series Willetized Coffee Stout Aged in Rye Oak Barrels” is just too short of a title.  

First, THANK YOU to my buddy Jorge who hooked me up with this beer.  

The mocha head pours so thick you could lay on it!  From a distance it resembles a chocolate latte but under your nose you’ll realize that the only thing “GRANDE” here is the huge 12.4% ABV and an island size oasis of stout flavor (dark malt and subtle burnt notes).  The mouthfeel is silky and finishes remarkably clean for a beer with this intensity (expected it to be more sticky), and it is anything but balanced.  The clean finish makes the already intense alcohol note more pronounced.  HOT!  This beer is hot and you can feel the burn with every sip; which ironically, isn’t recommended according the the brewer.

From the bottle: “Life is uncertain.  Don’t sip.”

My recommendation… sip.  Sip like a cup of coffee, which is actually a bit difficult to pick up in the taste of nose given all the chocolate and barrel notes.

“I don’t know how to thank you enough”
40 out of 50

This is a fantastic beer that would benefit with age unless you just like the burn of a boozy beer.  Crafted with precision, this beer stands up with some of the best barrel-aged stouts in the world, finishing cleaner and more alcoholic than most.  The label says there is coffee in here so we’ll go with that, but the chocolate and barrel notes prevail.  I love this beer, but want to cellar it for awhile when I think I’ll like it better.



We Will Be Back!

We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service! Cooking over real wood makes all the difference in the world!  And that triple Lindy is out of this world!

The Davises
Should call it “Gig ‘Em Grill”!

We have been to a number of Aggie events at The Backyard Grill and will come back for more!  We love the food, and the beer selection is fantastic!

Aggie '92

Delicious menu in a very relaxing setting with wonderful service, plus close to my home!

Mark K.
Their Catering ROCKS!

We had Backyard cater our school event and they knocked it out of the park!  Not only was the food amazing, but they really made the kids feel special.  Thanks for all you do for the school district Mark!

Becky C.
Single Mom Heaven!
Harmony the Clown

I am a single mom and I just want to tell you how appreciative I am that you offer Kids Eat Free as well as characters on Wednesdays.  To be able to have an inexpensive meal with my daughter while Harmony the Clown entertains her is the high point of my week.  Thanks again Backyard Grill.

-Happy Mom